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I emphatically agree with the following:
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> Roy C. Lackey wrote-
> Typhon's maniacal obsession with his own face is a given, well established
> in the Urth Cycle......
But the idea that Typhon was egotistically--let alone "manically"--obsessed with his face is simply not true based on his discussion with Severian in Sword of the Lictor. Keeping his original head, in the original case,  was a practical issue.....
However, there must be some flexibility here:
"That the waking Cargo was memory-wiped in the same fashion as as the Sleepers were seems the obvious implication. There is simply no way people would come to _believe in_ the Whorl Gods and forget their true natures in the few centuries since the Whorl left Urth. In fact, it is hard for me to see how any real observant religion could have ever been more than something for kooky cults."
While this is reasonable, we have to allow room for the author to carry out his plans. The ease with which humans forget, or lose their faith or regain it or find it in something else, might be a starting point as well as it might be an end point for Wolfe.
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