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Roy C. Lackey wrote:

When Silk was buried in that tunnel collapse and made his brief
sojourn to Mainframe heaven, he saw his biological parents. The male
bio parent had blue eyes, like Silk. A clone necessarily comes from
the same genetic lineage as the original. In other words, the bio
parents of the clone are the same as the bio parents of the original.
Had Silk been a clone of Typhon, the bio parents he saw in Mainframe
would have been Typhon's parents. Typhon supposedly wasn't native to
Urth and claimed not to have been born at all in the usual sense.
There is no logical reason for Typhon's parents to have been on the
_Whorl_ or in Mainframe at all.

Do we know for sure that the spirits he saw were manifested by the
Mainframe? One of them says, "You must go back, Silk. He sends us to
tell you." If "He" is the Outsider, there are no restrictions on who
could be manifested based on where they resided or died. They could be
Typhon's parent's, if Silk is a clone. Or they could be Typhon and
Mamelta, if he's a biological son. (Hopefully not Typhon and Kypris,
because that would be a bit incestuous -- Kypris' promise of "We'd be
together then" doesn't sound entirely platonic. Indeed, in RttW,
Silkhorn doubts that Silversilk in Pig would have bothered looking for
the ghost of Hyacinth as long as he had Kypris instead.)

I don't find the argument of Mint's non-reaction totally convincing.
The commanding expression, the enhancement of godly images in a
theophany, and the many representations of Pas in art and sculpture
could have accustomed Mint to a face like Silk's without any
confusion. The image Kypris shows Silk of what it would be like to be
an aspect of Pas is more convincing, as long as it wasn't Piaton's
head that was replaced. But I'm tempted to think it was Piaton's. The
Outsider has taken over Pas. He wouldn't yield the driver's seat to
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