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Mon Sep 6 13:45:07 PDT 2010

At 21:25 06/09/2010, David Stockhoff wrote:
>  Is it possible that paternal/family names are animals, and 
> children's/first names are usually parts or products of those animals?
>It just occurred to me that someone said Blood was Pike's son. That 
>would be a third case, after the Horn/Sinew/etc. system and the Silk 
>from Tussah system. If Blood had a brother, it might be Scale or Fin.

Horn's children are named after co-parts of a similar animal, not 
after parts of a horn.

And what might Blood's sons be called -- Corpuscle? Platelet? You'd 
really be grasping after a couple more generations.

While some fathers may name their sons according to a part/product 
system, clearly others don't, so it would probably be rash to try and 
deduce non-obvious family relationships on such a basis.


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