(urth) Grand Unified Theory

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Fri Sep 3 15:25:16 PDT 2010

Lee Berman wrote:
> Aw now Roy! That is just downright mean-spirited! Why the venom? Now, if
> whorl characters were Laplanders, your reindeer theory might have some

Reindeer theory? You amaze me.

> But if the "beef" reference bothers you so much then feel free to change
it to
> "ungulate".

And that wouldn't change a thing now, would it?

> Anyway you aren't quite getting it.

In a Pig's arse.

>As whole animals, reindeer, goats, buffalo,
> bison and stags do not fit in with hoof, hide, etc.

They fit in just as much as beef.

> And cuckold, being
> derived from bird behavior, isn't even in the same ballpark.

I keep overestimating people. And I even spelled it out.

> Smoothbone and
> Marrow are rather more in line with the concept.
> >And it's worse than silly to cherry-pick the connections you like and
> >those you don't.
> Now there is as good an example of a "pot meet kettle" moment as you'll
> around here. If I am guilty of scouring the tree for the sweet red
> Roy C. Lackey is at least my equal in choosing only to comment on what he
> considers sour, rotten cherries.

That, at least, didn't come as a surprise.

> For example no comment on the prosimians of the Ayuntamiento. Nor the
> Silk, Chenille, Tussah connection (btw, I must give credit to Mantis for
> me started on that connection). To be honest, I have been pounding my
> trying to think of a way that the names Horn, Sinew, Hoof and Hide are not
> Why does that connection suck?

You brought those things up, not me. And I cannot and will not be
"manipulated" is the word you used a while back when bitching about "mean"
posters (meaning mostly me) into playing your game by your rules. The
prosimian and caterpillar associations have been bandied about on the List
and elsewhere for years.

> Anyway, I must disagree about which sort of cherry picking is worse as I
> what is left in my basket at the end of the day. And what is left in

Again, I am not surprised.

Maybe I did stop too soon. Probably. But it's obviously not worth the


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