(urth) Take the red pill

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 15:12:07 PDT 2010

>James wynn- I'm not sure how this would makes sense, from a story-telling 
>perspective unless it were revealed somehow. Why have sleepers? Why have 
>embryos? Why have a Plan?

Well, this isn't a fully formed theory, just an idea I had today. I assumed
all here have seen The Matrix, but if not I apologize. 
The purpose of the Plan would be the same as the purpose of the Matrix. Human
minds, even in electronic form, need exercise, socializing, problems and concerns
religion, morality and guidance, just as biological minds do.
In the Matrix, the sleepers have the purpose of being an energy source for the 
ruling computer. In the Whorl it would seem their purpose is to have bodies for
the electronic personalities to be downloaded into, so they can go down to the 
target planets and live there.
What we need to dismiss this theory are views of The Whorl from outside the Whorl.
Do we have any? If the Whorl was really just a big computer memory ship carrying
sleeper bodies it would look a lot smaller from the outside than the electronic 
interior illusion created for Whorl residents with lakes and flyers in the sky 
and towns all around.
Well, no sense starting a big discussion about it. I'm certainly not prepared or
interested in defending this idea. But I might keep it in mind on my next reading.
You never know... 		 	   		  

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