(urth) Grand Unified Theory

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 14:57:41 PDT 2010

>Antonio Marques- I wonder how a shapeshifter able to do pretty much anything
>biologically-wise fits into the whole having a head of his grafted onto
>a man's body, not being able to control it fully and then dying because
>someone stabs the man's head.

>David Stockhoff-Bingo.
Who says a shapeshifter can do pretty much anything, biologically-wise? Take the
Inhumi. Quite limited in many ways, biologically. They can do things we cannot do, 
but vice versa is also true. But, they are good manipulators and can get us to do
things for them which they cannot do themselves.  
Are you sure Typhon's head is dead, down there under the mountain? (the mythological 
Typhon remains immortally trapped under a mountain to this day). ;- ).
Anyway, my theory explains why Typhon does not have a saint name, why he has 
clairvoyance and telepathy, why he is so powerless when his slaves have deserted him
what the mandragora is and why Abaia etc. are defeated with the creation of Ushas. 
If you have a better theory on Typhon which explains these things or other things I am 
interested in hearing it. Perhaps it will include the cellular biology my theory is 

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