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No dia 2010/10/07, às 05:28, "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey at stic.net>  

> Rigoglio had never been exposed to the gods-in-the-machine on the  
> ship, and
> the gods could not follow the colonists to Blue. Even if he just gave
> lip-service to the ship's gods, just went along to get along on  
> Blue, how
> could he recognize the two-headed freak the colonists spoke of back  
> on the
> ship as the monarch he had known of on Urth? The people of Urth had  
> known
> nothing of the head transplant, and the people on the ship at the  
> time of
> the exodus knew nothing at all about Urth. How would he have equated  
> the
> girl Cilinia on Urth with the tentacled being the people from the  
> ship had
> called Scylla?

Those are good questions, but I don't see their relevance here - istm  
they apply just as well no matter what the status of the typhons (do I  
love this plural!) on Urth was.

A way around it is to posit that the tinkering with their memories  
included inserting the new names there. Or even the new appearances.  
Identification would be trivial. The sleepers would only remember some  
events and personalities.

I don't think Roger was paying lip service. I think he came to accept  
the wakers' pov, because he realised his own was unreliable. 

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