(urth) Mucor and devils

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 25 09:08:28 PST 2010

First, a very happy feast of St Catherine to you all!

OK, here are the first of the puzzles I have come up with in my
reading of _Long Sun_. First, what exactly are Mucor's powers? She
says she can 'send forth her spirit', which makes it sound as if her
body stays put while her spirit goes around possessing people (or, on
a couple of occasions, just appearing). But when Silk enters her room,
he cannot find her, until she materialises later, which suggests her
body travels as well.

Next, what are devils? The 'devils' about which Pike warned Silk are
clearly inhumi. But as I understand it, inhumi were not present on the
Whorl from the start, so what are the devils mentioned in the
Chrasmologic writings? Of course, they may not really be anything -
just figures of myth which the compilers of the Writings thought it
would be nice to include. (Does anyone know if the passage Silk reads
during the exorcism has a definite source?) On the other hand, there's
a reference at one point to devils getting into Mainframe, which
suggests something more specific.

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