(urth) "The Tree is My Hat" & Christmas

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 12:14:26 PST 2010

>> Gene Wolfe-
>> In my short story, “The Tree is My Hat,” the ex-wife who shows up on the tropical island is named Mary Christmas. I never say that – you find out by deduction – but I asked myself, what’s her family like? Who is her father, Julius Christmas, and what’s going on back at home? Well, back at home, they check in four time-travelers to the Christmas Inn. Two men, two women. The story goes on from there.
> Gwern-
> I don't seem to recall any discussion of this before or during the AEG
> threads. It doesn't clarify anything for me about TTiMH, but maybe it
> does for someone else.

I haven't read Christmas Inn yet. I didn't realize the wife's name could 
be deduced and a search of the archives does not show that anyone else 
did either.

However,  this is the first positive proof that Time-travel can be used 
functionally (rather than randomly) in the AEG world.

It still doesn't clarify whether the other Cassie's and the multiple 
Bill Ries's are Time-travelling iterations or clones.


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