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> Lee Berman-
> James I'm hoping you will explain what you mean about the deeds of Hephaestus and these
> two characters.

Somewhere I have them more carefully detailed. But Hesphaestus was 
conceived by Hera without the need of a mate. When he was born, he was 
so ugly and so his mother threw him off of Mt Olympus into the sea. But 
he was rescued by the sea goddesses Thetis and Eurynome. They set him up 
in a workshop in an undersea cave where he made made marvelous works of 
craftmanship. In his workshop, Hesph had mechanical women who operated 
as his assistants. One day Hera saw Thetis wearing a broach that Hesph 
had made and demanded to know where she got it. She told her about Hesph 
and so he was brought back to Olympus (in a parade that was very 
reminiscent of Dionysus's coming to Olympus). So then one day, the 
Olympians overthrew Zeus and bound him to a chair. Thetis identified 
Hera, Poseidon, and Athena as the ring-leaders but Robert Graves 
included Apollo. Then they began fighting over who would be the leader. 
Thetis went down to Tartaros and released the Briareus, the hundred 
armed monster that Kronos and imprisoned there. With his speedy arms he 
was able to untie Zeus before the others knew what had happened. Now 
back in power, Zeus turned his wrath against Hera. According to Graves 
again, Hesphaestus came to the defense of his mother and so Zeus blasted 
him with his lighting bolt, knocks him off the mountain (again) at which 
point he was lamed. Then Zeus hanged Hera from Mt Olympus (the heavens) 
by a golden chain.

So Silk performs the deeds of Hesphaestus on Mt. Olympus and Auk 
performs his deeds in his undersea cave.
Quetzal says that the ring-leaders who "killed" Pas as Echidna, Scylla, 
Molpe, and Hierax and says "there may have been others".
In the caves of Lake Limna, Auk --armed with a keyword "Thetis" and 
Chenille (recently possessed by the sea goddess Scylla)-- released the 
prisoners (hundred-handed Briarius) from the hellish Alambrera pits as 
part of the plan to resurrect Pas 
(http://urth.org/whorlmap/binding_zeus.htm).  Also, at his side is the 
black mechanic, Incus, whom I argue is actually Maytera Corn (ear of 
corn) --a mechanical woman-- who will later assist him in his work of 
repairing Sand.

As for Silk, well, for starters it helps to recognize that there are 
associations between Hy and Silk's mom, but it is not necessary. During 
their conversation, Silk _defends_ Echidna's celibacy rule. Then Hy 
jumps up on the bed with her azoth (both a lighting bolt and a golden 
chain). She fires her azoth at him, sending him tumbling out of the 
window where he is lamed. This event is a combination of Hesph being 
cast off of Mt Olympus by Hera and by Zeus.


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