(urth) Wind god

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 11:32:21 PDT 2010

>>> Lee Berman-
>>> I don't know if you can speak for "people" but if I've pissed you off,
>>> I apologize, though I'm not sure why what I wrote upsets you. Or did
>>> you mean you were pissed off at Andrew, whose idea I was going along
>>> with?
>> Jeff Wilson-
>> I won't unilaterally re-involve people by naming names, but if you truly
>>  don't recall the considerable irritation other listpeople have 
>> displayed
>>  at your methods of justifying previous "GUT" notions of yours, that
>> would explain a great deal.
> António Pedro Marques -
> Given that Lee customarily says something to the effect of 'sorry if I'm
> unintentionally doing that (bending/falsifying the evidence)' and then 
> does
> it again at the next opportunity, I'm inclined to think it's a memory
> problem. Otherwise his professing unintentionality would be dishonest, 
> which
> I find hard to believe. 

Anybody who has posted to this list for any amount of time is guilty of 
taking a phrase as expansive when it has a more narrow reading in 
context. So Pot Meet Kettle.

Additionally, sometimes Wolfe has his unreliable narrator offer an 
explanation that is probably untrue. Or is only true in a very narrow 
sense, when the Author is pointing to much more. In that case, it is the 
person who declares his devotion to Reading Straight From the Text in 
Context who is being dense. In fact, I've been irritated at people who 
were being overly contentious about Thus Says The Text when, in fact, I 
suspected they cared more about winning a debate than coming to 
understand what is going on in the story. So there's that.

But this is the way it is. Wolfe's stories are more than a Free Country. 
They are more than the Wild West. The are the Land that Time Forgot. He 
made them that way deliberately, I'm afraid. So one should beware of 
ascribing malicious motives to people who proffer theories that you 
think are thinly supported. Most theories are thinly supported. Even the 
right ones. If an explanation is not compelling, just let it go.


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