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On 5/17/2010 8:13 PM, Adam Thornton wrote:
>> I believe that Wolfe would say, rather than "the problem God has in
> ... conveying His message to humanity," "the difficulty we have in
> understanding God's message."
>> but it being Wolfe I have to ask myself does
> he mean it to be God (probably) or is he speaking more of the
> Hierogrammates
> My interpretation of the subtext of the Sun series is this- There is not a
> vast, empty gap between humanity and God (the Increate/Outsider etc.).
> Based on the Cock and the Eagle, I'd have to say there is such a gap.

If you man the cock and the angel, that's the angel's opinion. However, 
the angel turns out to be wrong about the fundamental moral of the 
story, and IIRC the angel makes his statement about the Increate's 
separation while he is without his angel-nature; having removed that, he 
has placed himself that much further from the Increate.

It's ambiguous, I'm jus sayin'

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