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Lane Haygood lhaygood at gmail.com
Fri May 14 11:32:43 PDT 2010

> Time travel. Once causality begins to loop back, there are no coincidences,
> no probability in the chain of events. What determines the chain of events
> is that it requires the least intervention by the time travellers.
> And time travel happens because it is an allegory for G-d's eternal nature
> outside of Creation, even though G-d himself also appears in the story to
> remind us that the instruments of that intervention are flawed but their
> employer is not.

It would still be more efficient for Tzadkiel/Hierogrammates/whomever
to send the White Fountain without the need for the test or
maneuvering Severian on the throne.  While we might argue that God (or
other such omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent being) must work
through intermediaries because his nature prevents direct
intervention, Tzadkiel and the Hieros have no such restrictions.  Or
do they just mirror their reflections in the universe above Yesod and
act by circumspect means because in their image are they created?

(Aside, and literary connection, complete with spoilers for those who
have not read _Anathem_:  this is somewhat akin to Neal Stephenson's
faux-Platonic idea of "propagation along the wick," where the Daban
Urnood travels through successive iterations of Earth _backwards_
along a chain of ever-worsening reflections of the Platonic ideal
Earth.  Although it is interesting to note that Man of Science
Stephenson sees traveling toward "more perfect" universes as moving
backward, while for Man of Faith Wolfe doing so is traveling

Anyway, I'm overstressed at work and probably seeing things and
connections where none should be.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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