(urth) urth crackdown!

Ranjit Bhatnagar ranjit at moonmilk.com
Mon May 24 09:50:31 PDT 2010

Here comes the Argument From Authority!  As list owner, I hereby decree:

Mark Twain's forthcoming memoirs are a reasonable topic of discussion here,
but don't go overboard.

It's a good idea to edit the subject line of a discussion to reflect the
topic being discussed, particularly if the discussion is drifting away from
the main point of the list, which is Gene Wolfe's work.  It's not mandatory,
though, and it's not in itself a good topic of discussion on this list.

Acting like a jerk is always off-topic, even if the other guy started it.

This list has been around for almost 15 years with almost no moderation, and
this has almost always worked out just fine.  Sometimes bickering has broken
out, and some valuable members have left because of the noise.  I'd prefer
to keep that to a minimum.

If you have any complaints or comments about this decree, email me
directly.  Note that I wasn't calling YOU a jerk-- I was talking about that
other guy.
- Ranjit
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