(urth) The Sorcerer's House Questions (*Major Spoilers*)

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Dave Tallman wrote:
> I'm willing to consider the possibility of forgery, too.  On p. 12 Bax 
> writes "I am tempted to post this to myself."  Bax is ambidextrous, so 
> he can produce two different handwritings, and he has forged his 
> brother's signature before.
One more detail: who is Henry Parkhill (p. 156)?

/I have founded my own little firm, you see. I call it A Plus Tutors. 
Our president is Henry Parkhill. (I know you would like him, Shell. You 
might recognize him as well./

This is the only reference to the man, apparently an ex-con that Shell 
would know. Nothing is said about him in other letters. Does he play a 
bigger role? If, for example, he is the butler that other people see 
(Doris letter, p. 290) then it casts a lot of doubt on the 
Zwart/Ieuen/Emlyn story.

On the other hand, both Madame Orizia and Doris validate the story of 
locking the vampire Nicholas in the trunk. Doris also validates the 
first werewolf attack, the awful basement, and the rapist dwarf. The 
greatest magic of all is that a penniless ex-con suddenly comes into 
wealth and property: "Riverscene, the Black House, and the house that 
had once been Mrs. Martha Murrey's" (p. 300). So I must agee with the 
anonymous Collator: "all that he tells us cannot be false."

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