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I am really enjoying "Sorcerer's House" so far.  And by the way Stu, I am a
longtime fan of your bass playing.  My favorite has to be off the Satriani
album "Flying In a Blue Dream".  A song I cannot recall the exact title to,
but something like "Back to Shella-Bal"...?  Sound familiar?

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> Meant to reply to Bene's post..
> The Latrp books never resonated as deeply with me, but "Silk Nodded" almost
> made me cry I'm afraid to say..maybe because i was sad/happy that I'd made
> it through the 12 books!
>  "Sorcerers..." is an OK read, liking it better then AEG which really did
> nothing for me and the puzzlebox aspect is offputting at times...gonna
> restart the Sun series...
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