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Now I'm curious about your wife's interpretation...

I didn't try Wolfe with my kids until they were teenagers. I did once 
try The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories with 
a group of college students. They have here something called a 
"residence hall reading seminar" that's light and ungraded, and I was 
persuaded to run one of those. After a couple of weeks one of the 
students came up to me and said "You do realize that most of the books 
assigned in these seminars are much easier than this one, right?"



> I'll start a new thread .....speaking if reading to kids
> I wanted to introduce my kid to the...challenges...of reading 
> GW...hidden clues, multiple themes etc...
> We spent some time in Italy and she did an "Xmas around the World" 
> report on Italy, including La Befana, so I read her that one...subtle 
> clues as to taking place on an alien world..cool...the Christian 
> message was a bit lost on us, not being Catholic, but led to some 
> interesting discussions.
> "The War Beneath the Tree" was fun...my wife came up with TOTALLY 
> different interpretation...wow...
> Thoughts??? Suggestions????
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