(urth) Serpents and Undines

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Sat Jul 31 20:49:30 PDT 2010

On 7/31/2010 1:04 PM, David Stockhoff wrote:
> I'd think the main issue would be substituting yourself for the
> Increate, not for the Autarch.

They are but two steps on the same stairway to damnation, one a bit 
further from the end, or even the same step if you believe the Autarchy 
is divinely ordained; by presuming to substitute yourself for the 
Autarch you are substituing your choice for the Increate's. Vodalus is 
probably too much of a ignorant materialist (in the view of the nurse 
and the BOTNS's conceit) to go full black magician and seek to literally 
place himself on a level with the Increate.

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