(urth) Juturna, the Missing Sister

Ryan Dunn ryan at liftingfaces.com
Wed Jul 28 12:36:31 PDT 2010

is it definitely a catamite? or is that theoretical as well?


On Jul 27, 2010, at 3:52 PM, Lee Berman wrote:

>> John Watkins- At some point, every detail becomes a prop for one wild theory or another-
> Well, I certainly agree that Borski takes one theme, like haircolor or onomastics and
> runs with it and stretches it beyond all credulity. The blonde catamite is a perfect 
> example. I forget his explanation...Baldanders stole Dorcas DNA during their travels and 
> used that to grow it, or something like that. Kinda silly.
> I would not be comfortable entertaining such speculation unless two or three themes 
> converge to the same conclusion.  If Severian felt sexually attracted to the catamite
> and/or the catamite was decorated with some sort of cloisonne and/or if the catamite 
> were a twin or named Ouen, etc... only then could I consider the possibility it was
> related to Severian. Gold hair by itself just isn't enough.  		 	   		  
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