(urth) On Pedophilia and Homosexuality

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Very interesting.


> Wolfe tends to use classical Christian and Greco-Roman perceptions of
> nature. As such there wouldn't be a great (and very post '70's) chasm
> between homosexuality and pedophillia. Badlanders in such an understanding
> is very interested in the attention of men (not so much "gay" as that is a
> modern construct). He's interested in men because they are like him and he
> is his own idol.
> Seen in this light _all_ men have a tendancy to be sexually attracted to
> other men in some degree. Severian notices this, groks it, rejects it, and
> then accepts his first taste of Father hood. He loves as a man rather than
> an adolecent (in a moment that reminds me of Marcus Aurelius' reflections
> on the matter). That is he learns to love another rather than the image of
> himself, even through loss. Little Severian therfore prepares him to
> sacrifice for the good and further seperates him from Badlanders.
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