(urth) Where did Abaia go?

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On 7/18/2010 1:02 AM, Lee Berman wrote:
> Abaia's most likely freshwater home would surely be Lake Diuturna. We have the
> similarity of the name to Juturna, the daughter-bride of Abaia. We have (perhaps
> aspiring megatherian) Baldanders choosing to live near and eventually under the
> waters of this lake. The Lake/Island people have their belief in a fish god
> beneath the waters. But perhaps the best evidence for the presence of Abaia is
> the Lake/Shore people's town which is named "Murene". This Latin derived, Germanic
> word basically means "moray eel" (which does include freshwater versions).

The problem with this is that Juturna and Baldanders are both 
sea-dwellers by the time of Sev's return. Juturna says her kind swim 
between the stars and supposedly Abaia's seed came from off-world as 
well, so they would presumably have to cope with all kinds of salt 
levels, pHs, alkalai content, etc.

The upheaval of Ushas' coming might result in very low fish stocks for a 
long time, until the dispersed populations regroup and currents and 
thermoclines re-establish themselves in a stable fashion. Meanwhile, the 
hungry undines gotta eat something....

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