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On 7/17/2010 10:47 AM, Craig Brewer wrote:
>> The religion faded away, but not Inire. He may have kept the title  Father,
>> just as the Domnicellae of the Pelerines was addressed as  Mother.
> This final point really strikes home, methinks. The theory also ties up all the
> various strands of Inire's manipulations quite well.
> So what of "Patera," then? When we get to Long Sun, are we supposed to tie the
> "Inire Religion" to what Pas has created? "Patera" (a nice mix of the possibly
> Spanish/SouthAmerican/Nessus-influenced "padre" and Latin "pater") is of course
> suitably close to "Father" (the "authentic" word Inire used, or at least as the
> translator had it). Could this suggest a connection-to-yet-corruption-of the New
> Sun religion, rather than the LS theology being completely Pas, et al.'s
> creation?

If Patera is connected to the Inire, it may be via its Latin usage: a 
ritual vessel for carrying libations ready to pour or drink but with a 
dry bump in the middle for steady handling. Given how often people are 
used as vessels for other people's personas in the Long and Short Sun 

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