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James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 13:50:11 PDT 2010

> That may have been a bit hasty, but the even though the fettered Fenrir
> was tied to Gyoll, Inire is awfully mobile about his duty station and
> commands means of egress and ingress - his position is more like
> Heimdall guarding Bifrost and standing sentry over doings in distant
> places on other worlds. It doesn't hurt that Heimdal is also the
> "Father" of the classes of men, in disguise as another person yet

Just when I'm ready to leave the Norse association behind, you pull me 
back in. You're right about Heimdall because he's the Norse Janus. The 
link between Janus, Pan, and Osirus is Priapus who was variously 
associated with all of them. Heimdall, as the father of humanity, fits 
right in there. That leaves us here with reasonable mythological 
associations for Typhon, Severian, and Inire.

The only frustrating thing is that the monster Typhon doesn't fit for 
any this. Fenrir doesn't fit for any of this either except in one way. 
He is an important father too...he's the father of the race of wolves. 
And, yeah, his rock is Gyoll which is also a mythical river.


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