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Gerry Quinn gerryq at indigo.ie
Mon Jul 12 13:18:33 PDT 2010

From: "James Wynn" <crushtv at gmail.com>
> The idea of Inire mating with humans seems far-fetched except that Wolfe 
> really likes the idea of interspecies and apparent- interspecies mating. 
> In "Fifth Head", Sandwalker (apparently) has a cat for a girlfriend.

I'm pretty sure I missed that bit!

AFAIK Seven Girls Waiting is Sandwalker's only lover in the story, and she 
is no cat.

> And in An Evil Guest, the Woldercons mate and breed across species. In the 
> Book of the Short Sun, Jahlee the inhuma accompanies the Rajan to Urth in 
> the form of a beautiful woman and has as much sex as possible. It's a 
> faeryworld/mythical motif that seems to appeal to Wolfe. So, yeah, this is 
> possible. In Fifth Head, the clones are also interested in young 
> women...not for sex per se but strictly for procreation.

Procreation for them is cloning... I don't get your argument.

- Gerry Quinn

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