(urth) The mystery of the image of an astronaut cleaned by Rudesind

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 16:26:33 PDT 2010

John Watkins wrote (08-07-2010 00:17):
> 2010/7/7 António Pedro Marques <entonio at gmail.com
> <mailto:entonio at gmail.com>>
>     As to the significance of the simian signifiers, it could of course
>     be that wherever they're present we're dealing with an agent of
>     Inire. Never disputed that. Though I find it a wild stretch.
> Actually, I think this may be the simplest explanation available.
> Rudesind probably is Inire's agent.

Oh, I don't find that a stretch at all, though I'd prefer a little more 
freedom for him. What I find a stretch is to associate haviong simian traits 
(because people with red hair remind monkeys!?... I think this happens only 
in the english-speaking world, but Wolfe belongs to that world, even if he 
of all people might not be subject to such centrism) with being an agent of 
Inire. If nothing else because it's not that natural, is it? You don't 
recruit your people based on some such trait, and nothing stops the 
anatagonist from doing the same.

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