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What is a narrative advantage and why are you talking about it here in
public where people can see you?


>> But *if* Wolfe had written Superman and the etxt didn't show Superman
>> and
>> Clark were the same guy, our speculation that they might be *would*
>> lead to
>> a richer reading. We would postulate they were the same guy because that
>> would take the story to a whole new level, not because of some esoteric
>> motivation for weaving the alter ego theme into it.
>> Whereas no one has yet explained just what the
>> considering-that-some-characters-in-the-BNS-are-Inire brings to the
>> table.
>> Lee points to it enlightening Inire's nature and motivations, but I find
>> that sketchy. Could your camp do some more sketching, perhaps?
> What's the narrative advantage of Dorcas being Severian's grandmother?
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