(urth) Inire as a hierodule

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Why do you assume they are archetypes?

What is an archetype?


> Well, the archetypes for hierodules would be Barbatus and Famulimus,
> (not sure about Ossipago, I think he is different). They are very tall
> outer space people who are supernaturally beautiful beneath their
> masks. They dispense technological artifacts to Baldanders to allow
> certain types of knowledge to disseminate among humanity but they avoid
> direct interaction and interference.
> Father Inire is really different. He is short and ugly. He builds public
> buildings and private palaces, plants averns to block manatees and has
> been directly involved in human politics for hundreds of  years, advising
> autarchs, leading enemy armies through jungles and goofing around with
> adolescent young beauties. I think more than an age difference is needed
> to explain why he is so different from B and F.
> As I see it he is best seen as a failed hierodule, one who has violated
> the Prime Directive as so many misguided villains of Star Trek did. Or,
> in more religious terms, he is a fallen hierodule who has not correctly
> followed his divine tasks. As such, like Moses who wasn't evil but who
> also failed God, he will not be allowed to enter the Promised Land
> (Ushas). (hence the Mt. Nebo reference for Isangoma in the Jungle Hut).
> http://www.keyway.ca/htm2001/20011015.htm
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