(urth) Birthday tribute?

Jerry Friedman jerry_friedman at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 23 22:20:03 PST 2010

Has there been any progress on some sort of amateur
Festschrift for Gene Wolfe's 80th birthday?  That
discussion last year prompted me to write a narrative
poem with connections to what I enjoy in his work.  I'm
finally done with the first draft.  Is there any reason
for me to save it for May 2011?

Also, if anyone is interested in workshopping the poem
or just saying what worked and what didn't, I'm always
grateful for that kind of thing, and I could e-mail it
to a few people.  (I don't want too many people to see
the first draft or see the poem before the person it's
dedicated to.)  It's somewhat over 100 lines, and
readers have to be able to stand exact rhyme and
sometimes rather rough iambic pentameter.

Jerry Friedman


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