(urth) Soldier Of The Mist: first reading (mit spoilers)

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Fri Jan 22 19:27:46 PST 2010

>> Well, I don't know if she was mortal. IIRC she was a nymph, a daughter
>> of a river god. And she is typically associated with the Moon.

_Twister_ aside, I don't think she is intended to be the same cow that
leapt over the moon. She had to run awfully far for refuge for a river
nymph, across the Bosphorous and all the places called "Ionian".

> I thought I had read as much. Also, isn't there a moon named Io in our
> solar system. don't planets and moons only get deity names?

In ancient times, but the Jovian moons were only discovered in 1610.

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