(urth) Severians Later Appearance (Spoilers)

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On 1/12/2010 9:47 AM, Tom Hopkins wrote:
> Sorry If I wasn't clear but I was more asking why he felt the need to
> add him to the Short Sun books in the first place? As it goes it seems
> to me to be one of the worst ways to include him in the narrative, as it
> is in a way that comes close to contradicting the text of the New Sun;
> and then too explain it all away by saying he neglected to mention it,
> is either very shoddy writing, (which I highly doubt in Wolfe’s case) or
> something more.

There is some precedent in that Wolfe began to say that he considers 
Urth to be in a previous universal cycle to ours, despite allowing the 
nigh-universal textev-based perception that it simply follows our 
particular age in history to stand unchallenged for years; at least, 
this is my impression, if someone else knows of some statement of 
wolfe's in the interim, please speak up!

It seems likely to me that this is because it slipped his mind until 
then that the drowning of Urth otherwise belies G-d's promise to Noah to 
never again destroy the world by water.

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