(urth) An Evil Guest: gold hunting

nate jarvis natejarv at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 03:33:05 PST 2010

i had this thought while reading AEG (months ago) that reis was paving
the way for a woldercanian invasion of earth. basically, that the
woldercanians were "mice" who couldn't directly fight the storm king,
but for whatever reason humans could (maybe SK's vulnerable to
technology but not to magic or magic-based technology), hence
requiring reis to get the USN to fight SK and making reis the evilest
man on earth (as he's effectively selling out both the planet and the
species). if the us president suspects chase is at least part wolder,
he'd have a motive to keep reis's motive (per above) a secret from
chase and focus on the gold. the USN might have thought reis was
stockpiling his gold with an alien other than SK, specifically an
alien with designs on conquest.

needless to say i have nothing to back the above theory up.


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