(urth) Soldier Of The Mist: first reading (mit spoilers)

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Io is a moon of Jupiter. Jupiter's moons are named after Jupiter's
girlfriends (and one boyfriend).


>>> I am thinking "The Black Man" favors Latro because Latro has forgotten
>>> his
>>> tribalism and doesn't think to treat him like an outsider based on his
>>> race,
>>> and also because Latro is even more of an outsider and vulnerable to
>>> exploitation than he.
>> Perhaps, but Latro gathers followers and admirers pretty quickly. We
>> don't know how they met because Latro didn't write it down before he
>> forgot the event.
>>> Io was the mortal priestess of Hera seduced by Zerus and then disguised
>>> as a
>>> heifer, etc. Not a goddess, as she was not placed in the heavens, at
>>> least
>>> not until Galilean times. I don't see much of a connection with the Io
>>> of
>>> myth, except the girl is a sort of mascot during their trek, similar to
>>> the
>>> heifer's flight from Hera's stinging gadfly
>> Well, I don't know if she was mortal. IIRC she was a nymph, a daughter
>> of a river god. And she is typically associated with the Moon.
> I thought I had read as much. Also, isn't there a moon named Io in our
> solar system. don't planets and moons only get deity names?
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