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I hate to say it, but this narrator pales in comparison with the American
Library for the Blind's narrator, Roy Avers.  I've been so excited for a
version that doesn't have all sorts of background noise, but listening to
the sample at Audible, I'm disappointed. This guy makes it all sound so
flat and wooden. too bad.

> Sigh. Audible--big fat downloads. Which doesn't work for those of us
> still on dial-up. Dang.
> On 1/17/10, aaron <aaronsingleton at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just wanted to let everyone know that Audible.com has all four New Sun
>> Books
>> (with the exception of Urth of the New Sun, that is) in audio format.
>> They
>> were just released in early December and are read by a guy named John
>> Davis.  The words seem to be pronounced correctly this time and the
>> reading
>> overall is really good.  High quality audio as well.  Check them out.
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>> Aaron Singleton
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