(urth) Severians Later Appearance (Spoilers)

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 20:09:59 PST 2010

>There are many gay characters in his works, and they are
>often presented sympathetically. I do not, however, believe that Hyacinth
>is or was intended to be transgendered. I note that all of his gay
>characters (at least the ones I call to mind right now) have something
>seriously wrong with them, even if some of them are not actively evile.
>I certainly intend to clarify this if I should meet him again.

After banging together (what I believed to be) every conceivable theory of 
Hyacinth's "true" nature, I am now confident (as I implied) that she is 

Those that only see in her a post-feminist character will not be impressed.


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