(urth) Severians Later Appearance (Spoilers)

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I think (I hope) that James simply means that the Rajan is the person who
identified himself as Hyacinth's father to Silk.

Not that the Rajan actually fathered Hyacinth.

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>  James Wynn wrote:
>> Incidentally, understanding that the Rajan is time-traveling through
>> Viron makes viable my personal opinion about the identity of
>> Hyacinth's "father" (an employee at the Juzgado whom Silk mentions
>> that he met with but whom never makes an "on-screen" appearance--even
>> at the wedding). It was the Rajan again. Silk's mother wanted him to
>> take that career path rather than the priesthood, and he himself muses
>> that that he should have gone that way. So the Rajan takes advantage
>> of dream-travel to finally realize that hope.
> You mean to say that Silk/Horn was the father of the woman he loved and married? Not to mention the horrific bad parenting of sex-changing his son Hyacinthus and
> selling him to someone for a career advancement.
> This is too squicky for me to contemplate, especially from the enlightened/good Silk.
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