(urth) Severians Later Appearance (Spoilers)

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Tue Jan 12 07:32:43 PST 2010

One of the main problems I have difficulty understanding is
why Wolfe felt the need to include Severian in the Short Sun books. I am unclear
on whether this is meant to be the Severian of the New Sun books, or his first
iteration or maybe another. I find I am reluctant to accept that Severian did
not include SilkHorn in the books because no one would believe him as he
states, because Severian includes many wild adventures which seem even less
likely. Also I think it creates an inconsistency with Merryn appearing in the
New Sun book, surely they would recognise each other to a greater extent and I
can't imagine Severian neglecting to mention something in that regard in the
narrative; especially as he mentions another brief meeting between them as a

In my mind It simply does not seem to add up, and I am convinced there is
something I am missing which makes for a more feasible explanation. As at the
momment it comes across to me as shoddy and unneeded yet I feel this must be a
fault with my own understanding of the text, rather than Wolfe’s work. 

So I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts of theories on the matter, even If it
happens to be it is the Severian from New Sun and he just fails to mention

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