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 Gerry Quinn wrote:

>> There is no doubt here - this is the image of the woman he would have loved.  
>>If only he had met her.
>>By some perverse conspiracy of chance or fate he did not, and his life has been 

> I pretty much agree with this--it's "the dislocation of all we expect from 
>nature and
> probability"--but I suspect supernatural intervention.

I forgot to mention the idea of the author as Creator or Subcreator, which 
people have quite rightly brought up here recently.

> An easily overlooked clue is that Pie Club.  What kind of pie?  Only one kind 
>is mentioned,
> very close--chess pie, an old Southern dessert.  This reinforces the reference 
>to chess, with
> its intimation of powerful beings moving people around like pieces on a board.  
>See the end
> of Canto 3 of Nabokov's /Pale Fire/ and, even more Wolfean, Borges's sonnets on 
And here I forgot to mention "queens".

Jerry Friedman

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