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Questions arising as I re-read AEG:

[page 13]
"On Earth, this guest was known as Gideon Chase"

What are his other names? And where is he known by them? He claims to the 
President to have not returned to Woldercon since he was a small child.  He 
could be lying or he could be known by other names by the aliens of Takanga.

[page 14]
President says: "[Reis] was smart enough to see the big money went to them 
that had friends in high places. You want to bellyache about it? I have, 
more'n once. Don't do any good."

Strange statement coming from the President. Apparently, 'friends in high 
places' did not refer to politicians. The aliens of Takanga? I presume so. 
Aren't the true "evil guests"?

So what is the relationship between the US government and Hanga's people? 
The protagonist in 'The Tree Is My Hat' is a fellow who had recently had a 
nervous breakdown. He was chosen by the government to be assigned there and 
was told that he would be absolutely alone. He seems to have had few duties 
there. But, when he at last brought family, Hanga immediately tried to kill 
them all.

Was Bill Reis's goal to lead a world-wide coup against all the Earth 
governments in order to drive out the real powers of Earth: the Takanga 

[page 15]
"I said if there was only one evil man in the whole world, it'd have to be 
Bill Reis. There's a hell of a lot of evil men in the world."
"Three in particular"
"We haven't gotten to that yet, John, an' I don't think we will."

This has been pointed out before, but I'll note that the "three evil men" 
relate directly to the issue of Bill Reis. They were an *issue* in the Bill 
Reis affair but the President chose not to address it.

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