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Hmm -- isn't there some stuff about time progressing at a different rate on
Woldercan? Letters arriving before they're sent, etc. Maybe Wolfe meant
she's trying to find a past Reis. Just a random idea.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 4:18 PM, Roy C. Lackey <rclackey at stic.net> wrote:

> James Wynn wrote:
> > Look, maybe this has already been said, but don't recall it. I thought
> I'd
> > surely get a reaction on this quote so I'm going up the ante. For
> reasons,
> > that would be compelling only to me, the death of Bill Reise at the end
> of
> > AEG really sat wrong with me. It struck me as totally random. But if the
> > person killed on the island were Gideon Chase in disguise, it makes
> > perfectly good sense. Also, Bill Reise avowing his love for Cassie at his
> > death seemed so out-of-character.
> >
> > So when Wolfe said this in the panel on Fictional Characters, a series of
> > tumblers fell into place in my head. It was Bill Reise disguised as
> Gideon
> > Chase who left for Woldercon at the end of AEG. Cassie didn't go to
> > Woldercon merely to get her mojo back (although she would probably need
> to
> > in order to win Reise).
> Reis was a big man; Gideon was not. A conventional disguise or one that
> involves a "glamour", to say nothing of shape shifting, would have to
> account for Gid's missing leg. Shape shifting involves a certain
> conservation of mass, such that the subject will weigh the same after the
> transformation as before.
> Cassie told Klauser that Reis was dead, and at the end of the book, when
> there was no one to hear her and she was on the way to Woldercan, she
> bemoaned his death. Who was she fooling?
> She had been in perfect position to see the body that had been clubbed to
> death, and she had been forced to watch. Shape-changers and glamour-casters
> lose control at death. Who did Cassie--and more importantly the
> islanders--see dead at her feet, if not Bill Reis? I don't think it is
> possible for it to have been one-legged Gideon Chase.
> -Roy
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