(urth) AEG: Any clues from Wolfe?

Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Wed Oct 7 18:39:09 PDT 2009

Kieran Mullen:
>     Cassie as Pavlatos, multiple Reis's, Margret as a werewolf....  
> Argh!?
>     I thought that there is more to AEG than I thought, but sometimes  
> I wonder if we are indulging in unconstrained exegesis here.  Is there  
> any help from Wolfe on some of these speculations?
This latest round of speculations was set off by a reported clue Wolfe 
gave, that in the end Cassie loved Bill Reis and went to Woldercan to 
find him. Exactly how this could be possible (time travel, 
doppelgangers, etc.) has given fuel to our theories.

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