(urth) time-travel, clones, and changlings

Dave Tallman davetallman at msn.com
Thu Oct 1 21:06:10 PDT 2009

James Wynn writes:
> In fact, Chase might be the sole reason they are stalking her. After all, 
> he's in the employ of both the government and Ries, so what are the chances 
> he is not hand-in-glove with these weird alien-fairies?)
Yes, I think it's well-established that the bat-people work with and/or 
for Chase.
1) One is present at Cassie's transformation. (p. 43, "Behind him: 
great, dark wings.")
2) One flies along with the hopper that contains Corby. (p. 156, 
"...something that might have been a monstrous bat.")
3) He warns her not to go outside late at night on p. 171. "...some 
things else. I don't want you to see them... Don't leave your windows open."
4) Reis tells her, (p. 191), "I'm trying to make them mine, if you want 
to put it that way. I'd like to, and I will." This directly parallels 
his efforts to get Chase to work for him. It seems to imply that if he 
gets Chase, he will get the bat-things.
5) There's the whole Batman/Robin thing going on between Chase and 
Cassie, especially the part about wanting to drive the "Batmobile." 
Chase is a dark detective like Batman. Cassie is the bat's "cub" (p. 235).

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