(urth) AEG again

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 06:17:48 PST 2009

>3) Margaret may be the shooter of Chase.

Although Margaret might be involved in the assault on Chase and there is a 
good chance that she is working for Reis (she arrived late at Cassie's 
apartment after the attack), I find it hard to believe she could be the 
assassin. The text refers to the assassin as a "he" and that person took a 
meat cleaver to the face.

We're all agreed that it was Reis in the alley who wanted to give Cassie a 
present right? Jimmy said he couldn't really see the person, which suggests 
it was someone invisible. Which means that Reis murdered Jimmy by stopping 
his heart. But why *kill* Jimmy?


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