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Again, a precedent is available, so I'll buy that, even if Maragaret being a later Cassie isn't necessarily pivotal to the plot. In Free Live Free, four people resembling the Oz crew achieve master of time and their own fates. Here, one or two people take that one step further and play supporting roles in their own dramas. Like Severian, they get to relive their lives. Makes perfect Wolfean sense.


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David Stockhoff wrote:

> > Who else was MB? Has anyone cross-checked initials with those of Lovecraft
> > characters living in Kingsport?
> >

My thought was Margaret Briggs/ Mariah Brownlea. The latter is Cassie's role
in the Volcano God play, so this suggests Margaret is also a role played by
Cassie. Every other initial coincidence is significant.

What are the reality shifts involving addresses? I'll have to look that up ...

> >
> >  Look for old messages with the title "Cassie's Mobile Home."
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