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Who else was MB? Has anyone cross-checked initials with those of Lovecraft characters living in Kingsport?

There's a conversation with Chase where it almost seems as though Wolfe is hinting that Cassie is a werewolf. But little of what Chase said about werewolves made sense to me, so I can't analyze it.

What are the reality shifts involving addresses? I'll have to look that up ...


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David Stockhoff wrote:

Could someone please summarize all the discussion so far? I need to catch

> > up.  ;) 
> >
Some I've participated in recently are speculations about other roles
Cassie may have played:
1) Margaret may be Cassie, come from the future. Initials M.B. are significant.
2) Margaret is possibly a werewolf.
3) Margaret may be the shooter of Chase.
4) India White is another possible werewolf. (A black-and-white name,
for one thing.)
5) Madame Pavlatos may be Cassie, come from the future. Is is
coincidence that Cassie was rescued?
6) Cassie may also be Reis' first or second wife, via time-travel. She
may be the mother of Rian.
7) There are probably multiple time-traveling copies of Reis around.
8) Reality shifts around Cassie (addresses, etc.) because of her
star-power or because of time-traveler interference.

One is left wondering about the fate of R'lyeh and the timing of the storm.

> > Coincidence that Reis has stockpiled just enough radioactive gold there over
> > the years so the Navy attacks just before he is to marry Cassie? Was it
> > connected to the Navy in fact? And if the SK was indeed counterattacking the
> > Navy with the storm, why did he turn off the storm in response to the
> > sacrifice of Reis? How does that make sense? Does it matter?
> >

Reis placed the gold there to lure the Navy into attacking; he wanted to do
something to the SK in revenge for the attack on Cassie. He would know how
much to plant to make that happen. The storm did not "turn off" in response
to the sacrifice. The sacrifice was in vain and many more died. It only
seemed to die down to Cassie when the bat-men carried her away, riding with
the wind.
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