(urth) An interesting Wolfe article/review

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Great article! Here's a (minority of one) quote from the comments:

"Nope. Sorry. I found it dull, meandering, self-indulgent, derivative, and just plain badly written. Not a single sympathetic character (and barely any characterization worth the name), a paucity of imagination, no pace, no tension, and a sense of weeks wasted once I'd finished. I put my copies in the bin rather than inflict them on anyone else."

Now, I can understand "I didn't like it," "I was bored reading it," etc, but sweet baby Jesus, what kind of crap is this joker reading that informs an opinion like that? I hate the works of all kinds of writers, many of them well regarded, but I'm grown up and well read enough to understand that it's a disconnect between myself and the artist's vision, not their lack of skill as a writer. In short, what a tool.



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