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It's been a while, but it seems to me that Ultan's library contains a 
book that contains all other books. If so, that's the aleph book from Borges.

Nutria (are you guys still using such names?) JBJordan

At 11:17 AM 11/23/2009, you wrote:
>>>I've always thought the Borges=Ultan theory was tenuous.
>>>Not impossible, just not much supporting it beyond Utlan's
>>>blindness. Borges is a great writer, but other than "The Book of
>>>Imaginary Beings" which cites the Baldanders, I haven't noted much
>>>influence from him. Of course, that might be due to a deficiency in
>>>my Borges knowledge.[snip]While Wolfe might well have been
>>>introduced to the monster "Baldanders" by Borges...
>>In terms of Borges influencing Wolfe (in general and BOTNS in particular),
>>the Borges story Funes the Memorious features a character who
>>remembers everything in perfect detail
>>Gene Wolfe has also commented on the influence of Borges:
>>GW: Yes, I took the name of the giant who is still growing from
>>The Book of Imaginary Beings
>Well, that certainly settles where he got the name, although how it 
>relates to Wolfe's constantly growing giant is still a mystery to me.
>And also Borges was a blind librarian of South America. Even if one 
>happily embraced the theory that Buenos Aires is Nessus, that's 
>still a thin hook to hang a theory that Ultan was patterned on 
>Borges...not that I don't *like* the theory and it certainly does no 
>harm. But while I heard and read Wolfe repeatedly allude to 
>Chesterton and Vance being "influences" (and he explicitly 
>identified The Dying Earth as his "golden book"), I've never heard 
>him say that about Borges. Its seems such a grand honor to give to 
>another writer (some have even associated Cyby with Wolfe himself). 
>It suggests an association greater than mere professional and 
>artistic admiration.
>By the way, does anyone have the lyrics to 70s folk band 
>Ougenweide's song "Bald Anders"?
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