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>>For instance, I was all aboard the "Nessus is Buenos Aires" train when
>>I read _BotNS_ first at 13 or 14, because I was also in the throes of a
>>Borges phase and Master Ultan was obviously, clearly, no question
>>about it, Borges.  Same with "Baldanders."
>>Later I found out this might be controversial.

>I've always thought the Borges=Ultan theory was tenuous. Not impossible, 
>just not much supporting it beyond Utlan's blindness. Borges is a great 
>writer, but other than "The Book of Imaginary Beings" which cites the 
>Baldanders, I haven't noted much influence from him. Of course, that might 
>be due to a deficiency in my Borges knowledge.

In terms of Borges influencing Wolfe (in general and BOTNS in particular),
the Borges story Funes the Memorious features a character who remembers 
everything in perfect detail, full text available here:

Gene Wolfe has also commented on the influence of Borges:

GW: Yes, I took the name of the giant who is still growing from The Book of Imaginary Beings, 
which may not be Borges's best work but which I felt free to steal from disgracefully because even 
second-rate Borges is very good indeed. Borges is capable of making up much better books and 
monsters and authors than anyone can find in libraries.

Source: http://www.themodernword.com/borges/borges_infl_wolfe.html

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