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Mon Nov 23 08:15:21 PST 2009

Dear John,

On Monday 23 November 2009, you wrote:

> Mark, thanks for sharing that.  Had I
> ever looked to a copy of the book for
> the reference and not found the chap-
> ter, I would've assumed Borges had
> invented the conceit a an extra, "sec-
> ret" chapter.  Now I'll never make that
> mistake.

I cannot, you should note, verify the sixth book's existence from my
own experience, and had myself half-believed it to be an invention of
Borges'.  But Mr. Wynn's statement implies that his copy includes it,
and I seem to recall that some of the criticism I've read has referred
to it.  For that matter, without Mr. Wynn's note, I might also think
that Borges had created Baldanders and claimed that he appears in the
really extant but rarely encountered sixth book, which strikes me as
an even more Borgesian thing to do than does making up the sixth book


Mark Millman

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