(urth) Wizard-Knight sucks, or, is there any scholarly research on it?

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Mon Nov 9 16:26:36 PST 2009

Link him here! Fresh meat!

I found TWK heavy handed in it's symbolism and an attempt to recapture  
the heavily stylized prose of BOTNS without the organic nature of  
Severian's voice. Maybe Abel really is dumb and illiterate, but it was  
sometimes difficult to follow the narrative because Abel is a bad  
storyteller. I think the story would've been better told in the Whorl  

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> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091108215604AAFwQWS
> I don't know whether to be more chagrined or amused at him. (I thought
> of resurrecting my Yahoo account and telling him he'd've to pay for
> the only scholarly work or spend several days reading through
> urth.net.) I didn't think _The Knight_ was that bad, although I didn't
> enjoy it nearly as much as _New Sun_ or _Cerberus_.
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