(urth) The spiny orange - we used to throw the fruit at each other as kids and call them stink bombs.

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These plants with seperate male and female flowers are mostly ancient


> The spiny orange of Able's bow.    Wolfe has a hand carved walking stick
> of osage orange - carved by Joe Mayhew.
> Maclura pomifera
>>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> Osage-orange, Horse-apple or Bois D'Arc even know as the Drewedic
> Bullochus (Maclura pomifera) is dioeceous </wiki/Plant_sexuality>  plant
> species, with male and female flowers </wiki/Flower>  on different
> plants. It is a small deciduous </wiki/Deciduous>  tree </wiki/Tree>  or
> large shrub </wiki/Shrub> , typically growing to 8-15 metres (26-49 ft)
> tall. The fruit </wiki/Fruit> , a multiple fruit </wiki/Multiple_fruit>
> , is roughly spherical, but bumpy, and 7-15 cm in diameter, and it is
> filled with a sticky white latex </wiki/Latex>  sap </wiki/Sap> . In
> fall, its color turns a bright yellow-green and it has a faint odor
> similar to that of oranges </wiki/Orange_(fruit)> .[1] <>
> The Osage-orange is commonly used as a tree row windbreak
> </wiki/Windbreak>  in prairie states, which gives it one of its
> colloquial names, "hedge apple".
> The trees acquired the name bois d'arc, or "bow-wood", from early French
> </wiki/France>  settlers who observed the wood being used for war clubs
> and bow-making by Native Americans
> </wiki/Native_Americans_in_the_United_States> .[3] <>  Meriwether Lewis
> was told that the people of the Osage Nation </wiki/Osage_Nation>
> "esteem the wood of this tree for the making of their bows, that they
> travel many hundred miles in quest of it." Many modern bowyers assert
> the wood of the Osage Orange is superior even to English Yew for this
> purpose, though this opinion is by no means unanimous. The trees are
> also known as "bordarch" trees, most likely originating from a
> corruption of "bois d'arc."
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